Mission Statement


The mission of the Highland Heritage Project is to gather, document, preserve, and honor our community legacy.

We aspire to interpret our past, understand our values, and thereby create community by fostering a sense of place and history that reflects the soul, heart and unique character of Highland Park.


Current News & Notes 

What’s your Highland History?

Want to learn more about the rich history of St. Paul's Highland Park?  >>Click Here<<

Do you have old photos, artifacts (glass from the Ford plant!) or stories to share? Contact us or join our Facebook Group, Highland Heritage Project – Saint Paul, Minnesota, to share!


Renovations & Legacy Projects 

What’s the plan?


Form an energetic, legacy-minded committee to oversee gathering and preserving Highland history as well as documenting the development of the Ford site as a way to build community.

We are reaching out to businesses and institutions to ask about their archives and preservation plans. The goal or HHP is to have a process in place to preserve our history AND make it accessible to Highland residents and others interested in the history of our area.


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